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merry Christmas achimenes!

Sorry this isnt much sadly this year has seen the world's worst Christmas prep ever lol. I would like to say a hugh thank you to you, thank you for being a wonderful friend and having the most chilled but positive look at life! Your a positive and lovely user who makes eggcave so much brighter i was so happy to hear you returned her and i know so many felt the same! i really hope we continue to be friends for a long time to come!

love from Sophie

About Tidnab Eggs

Tidnab eggs are so rare that no one, not even the SAR Center, knows much about them or where they come from.

About the Tidnab Creature

Tidnabs are notorious thieves and swindlers, making them an unwelcome sight anywhere on the Northern Plains and Leila. They can be seen prowling the streets of Leila after dark casing buildings and looking for easy targets. Somewhere in the deserts around Leila is the main base for the Tidnab thieves guild. Authorities have searched for it for decades and every time they get close the Tidnabs slip away to a new location.