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11 January 2018
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PMA doesn't mean you have to be or feel your best all the time. It means you are trying, and that's what matters. If you're taking that one step at a time towards any goal(s) you have set for yourself, you are brave, and you are doing phenomenal. Never forget that.
-Jacksepticeye A.K.A., Sean McLoughlin

Practice art I did of my Mewjestic Chad!

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lunacharm1037 • 8 hours ago

I was thinking it would be cheaper to buy one but the cheapest I can find is 13.5 CC, ah well...

lunacharm1037 • 8 hours ago


lunacharm1037 • 8 hours ago

I totally cannot believe I spend all my tokens and still no nogar

lunacharm1037 • 8 hours ago

shoot me a price for 200

lunacharm1037 • 9 hours ago

a lot of cool user art coming out

yts • 9 hours ago

Sorry for not being activr today t.t internet at home is having problems so I can't feed and send boxes...t____t maybe it'll be ok late tomorrow or wednesday...I need only 3 tedory now...

katrinwolf • 10 hours ago so you don't need to search

katrinwolf • 10 hours ago

Your creature suggestion was the last drop that made me snap and go conjure up another one myself If it's not a problem, could you maybe check it out? I kinda... don't feel right pinging people for this kind of topics, so some visitors would be nice

wererage • 14 hours ago

I do not, sorry... did you have another username back then? I'm sorry I'm not really talkative right now...

wild_wonders • 19 hours ago

Could you do your sepulcros, lyralopex and orciel for my hallowolf?

anarchy • 20 hours ago

Heya, sorry but I couldn't find any names I'd be interested in for the Nogar, and I'm not really interested in those two creatures either. Thanks for the offer though, and good luck ^^

yts • 22 hours ago

Thanks to you now I need only
Chocolates and Flowers, Pink Heart Pillow, Unlimited Sweets and Treats
Tedory Plushies

darcy_vasquez • 1 day ago

Hello! *poke* Both our Lovadors have almost the same name XD

yts • 1 day ago

got 3 apples thank you

mrsminnette • 1 day ago

Hey u dylan minnette

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