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8 Mar 2015
25 Nov 2015
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Blue Peppermint Snakes = 582

Purple Peppermint Snakes = 317

Red Peppermint Snakes = 882

Green Peppermint Snakes = 452

On My Birthday, November 28, 2016, @clawstra gifted me 78 Peppermint Snakes that gave me (289 Red, 53 Purple, 95 Green, 157 Blue; these are total uses that equal 594 and @skylight gifted me 2 Red Peppermint Snakes that gave me 3 uses!

This must be an Egg Cave record!

Thank you Thank you Thank you

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About Kiretch Eggs

The Kiretch lay their eggs in nests made out of rotting vegetation. The decomposition creates enough heat to properly incubate the eggs. At least one Kiretch parent will remain with the nest at all times. This means that the only way to acquire a Kiretch egg is either from an abandoned nest or to kill or otherwise incapacitate the parent guarding the nest.

About the Kiretch Creature

Kiretches are an amphibious breed of dragon that inhabits Ark's wetlands and swamps. The blue fins on a Kiretch's head and back can be seen protruding from the water as it swims. While not particularly territorial, a Kiretch will attack if startled. So it is best to avoid the blue fins unless you are very careful.

A Kiretch's skin secrets a chemical compound that when absorbed through the skin creates a powerful hallucinogenic effect. The Tidnab thieves guild has managed to synthesize this chemical and sells it on the black market as a recreational drug called Etcha. This drug is highly illegal and getting caught with it can result in heavy fines or prison time.