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31 August 2016
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Having oral surgery Wednesday... all 4 wisdom teeth and some gum tissue getting removed -_-.

I do not really support CSP rerelease. And this is coming from someone who doesn't have many. I thought about it, and the value would just plummet and it would be unfair to those who traded valuables for one. While I do support cave and MAYBE CRW rerelease, just not csp

Looking for Lyralopex Balls (toy)

Any commons here probably have names I like, but the names and creatures are uft

See that status up there. Itll be a year old in 363 days. Just you wait

Now a proud member of yarolds. Registered 1 hour ago and got 11 clicks
My referral code is

A creature with a letter then a - and a name is named after someone. Look on the text to find out who! For example my profile creature G-Rios

@stevepat2002_side collection of starred commons now where I send creatures to DIE
@Krusdot is my collection of krusdots

MOSTLY I have this here in case I want to submit a ticket since I can’t find a button for it , but you are welcome to use it too!

Notes to self:
Click #CME group
Name “Krusdot” (@prairie) is NFT so don’t ask (again)
1st ever Krusdot (@shadowfaxe) is NFT (again)
2nd ever krusdot (@prairie) is NFT (again)

Don’t, I repeat, DON’T!!! ask for a critter if I say it’s NFT for a [insert special reason here]. For example the leoquar was a friends (@fading) but they left and deleted account, and I bought from @soniaexe because I didn’t win auction.
Rather large coves to feed:

Don’t mind, these are for meh

quick Ping list. If you don't want tobe on it, or would want to be on itjust PM me or post on my wall
(sorry if not wanted, if you dont wanttobe pinged in the future, tell me )

About me:

I have to hurry home if it gets dark.
Eggs always blow up in my face.
Weather scares me.
An egg cracking scares me (Shell shock most likely).
I get jumped by Yeeps.
@mighty-lair (sorry)

God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change. COURAGE to change the things I can-and the WISDOM to know the difference.




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Notes and ty’s

Notes to self:

A proud zookeeper for @anonarmy

Oh crap (or as @prairie would say HOLY HECK) you actually got all the way down here. Well, I guess you deserve an award...


Want to know a secret?


Honestly I have nothing lol.

Creatures (65)


wild_wonders • 2 hours ago

Oh, nice! Didja do anything fun in particular

s123 • 16 hours ago

Fed all!

arcana • 21 hours ago

Are you sure? There are two Krusdots!

arcana • 22 hours ago

Hey, you can pick your two creatures from @flummox now! I would suggest that you ask @stateofloveandtrust if they want a Krusdot before you pick, but you don't need to.

achimenes • 22 hours ago

It's okay! ^^ I've been having a rough time lately, and I haven't been on too much. I also felt bad seeing all the transfers of the Zyphoone, and havin' nothin' to send back for 'em at the me, you deserve the lot and more! I can't thank you enough ^-^

achimenes • 1 day ago

(And they are yours to do with as you wish! c: It's appreciation for your help!)

achimenes • 1 day ago

Hello, again. ^-^ I wanted to thank you for your help with gathering those Zyphoones...I hope this is enough for everything (And yes, I'm sure ^^ )

novrain62 • 1 day ago

Welcome back from camp! So, what instrument do you play?

wild_wonders • 1 day ago

Oo fun, what kind of camp? ^^ And yeah, I miss him already. But he was already 120 years old in dog years... DX

cookiemonster • 1 day ago

would you do 150CC? or 100CC + 500k ec?

chesomabi • 1 day ago

Yep, sounds great! Here

~Chesomabi the exhausted hooman

asrieldreemurr • 1 day ago

I thank you for paying it for her. I'll get her to thank you too.

calenlass • 1 day ago

Welcome back. Hope you had fun while away

shadowfaxe • 4 days ago

Hey, dear friend
Hope your vacation is going well
Good luck with all the notifications xD

cloudslay3r • 4 days ago

Thank you so much again!!

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