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31 August 2016
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Please don’t ask for stuff that says NUFT
My everything uft side is @banditshop

God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change. COURAGE to change the things I can-and the WISDOM to know the difference.

How to cope with insanity
1. You don’t
2. Just stop trying
3. Legit why are you still reading this
4. Ok I give up
5. You thought
7. Where did 6 go
8. It’s right here (6)
9. There it is
10. Ok I’m insane

You say "bookworm" as if it were a bad thing... I can't help it if the special effects in my head totally beats your black-and-white film. @leomaris
Go check out @raistlin623
Feel free to feed creatures, but no need, since my cove is now protected by the Leaf Of Vaka
I was destined to quest. I found a SoB in a shop for 3k ec. No joke. All because of a Gournmand quest. Tysm questing.


If you take something from the Donation Center, please, please, please put something there! It is very annoying that people take with out giving. The more you give the more you receive. Please post this on your wall if it also bothers you.


@stevepat2002_side (collection of starred conmons and a foicol)
@banditshop is the prize pool for Bday and #NWNG
@? secrets side

Longest I’ve seen a creature in the theif shop was 8 minutes. It was about 490k ec and a dud

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Notes to self:
Feed all (to 166) of @rabbidwolfie’s creatures
Feed all of @soniaexe’s cove
Feed all of @invisiblefly
Feed all of @thedarkarcher
Feed all of @lazyanon

A proud zookeeper for @anonarmy

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kay_mentrae • 13 hours ago

No worries love! I appreciate a gentle reminder once in a while I can be a scatterbrain haha

kay_mentrae • 14 hours ago

Sorry love! I'm offering right now I had to pick up my sister from school haha

stormwarden • 14 hours ago

hi thanks for the friend request! i've fed your cove (:

thedarkarcher • 1 day ago

Ah that's okay thanks for letting me know! I managed to finish all the quests i needed anyway

lbowe_elbow • 1 day ago

No def not they're not released

prairie • 1 day ago

True, but all the same, I'll just wait to get others, as I got the one so far, and last is my personal fave. xD

the-v-squad • 1 day ago

Fed all

prairie • 1 day ago

Personally, I'm pretty happy it's a seasonal. xD I love that now I can have a chance to collect all the stages without having to pay 400cc - 700cc per stage (counting freeze in that)

prairie • 1 day ago

IDK, immortalraven has alot, same with _black333_. xD But IDK if I've actually counted how many they got now. And thank you on the clorgi!!

snugglebunny • 1 day ago

Right now. No.

emma1897 • 1 day ago

After yesterday, my favorite Marvel character is Carol Danvers, but Loki and Natasha have always been top picks.

mirime • 1 day ago

I think I'll send you a pm!

moonweaver • 1 day ago

Thanks I'll try to get to ya ASAP! But could you umm... make that in to 2?

mirime • 1 day ago

I think it's normal it gets you in confusion: it's done on purpose! I'll try to get it and read it, anyway.
Why do you define yourself like that? Unless it is an indiscreet question...

lendulka • 1 day ago

None, sorry.

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