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15 February 2015
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@elephants My elephant side. Holds my collection nothing will ever be uft ;p
@cloud_hoards A random side that will hopefully one day hold 5 of each common.
@roseofthehokage My uft creatures

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Name: Sophie ❤
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personality: friendly ❤ strange at times ❤ talkative ❤

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sackname • 3 hours ago

Hello Sorry I've just been super busy. How are you?

rashka • 7 hours ago

i must go for now, i don't when when i'll be back, but please, give me 2 names of the new chocoextravaganza items you don't have yet and i'll get them for you when i'll come back!

thedarkarcher • 7 hours ago

We can do 2 each love if thats okay by you? That way we both get extra boxes for things we want

rashka • 7 hours ago

yes, right now i can buy only one, but i'm pretty near for being able to buy 2

rashka • 7 hours ago

are you missing any of the new items for the collection?

dragrawr • 22 hours ago

;-; when you realize you can’t open your PayPal yet but also that means you can’t use money to get fake virtual creautres

lunacharm1037 • 1 day ago

Hiya fed all happy Valentines Day

holl0715 • 1 day ago

Hi, Fed all

mami • 1 day ago

afraid I dont really know, Ive always been more about the kinump seeds where Id pay 100 cc per kinump ;0;

jlya • 1 day ago

No pressure at all, just feeling generous. This is when I get a lot of my EC from feeding. And the same goes for you, whatever you send me I'll do my best to send back.

mami • 1 day ago

Im just kinda amazed people have the patience to feed that much, especially with the valentines one where you depend on others actually sending anything back and uhh I could offer you a smaller creature @dreamy, perhaps?

jlya • 1 day ago

Happy Valentine's Day! I'll be sending you some chocolates later.

mami • 1 day ago

whoa love you're fast, already a tedory? xD what would you like for it?

achimenes • 1 day ago

Happy Valentine's Day!

wild_wonders • 1 day ago

Of course, thanks! I'll feed them all for you tomorrow! And oh well, at least tomorrow is Friday :')

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