Help Name Kittens Anyone?

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dcmaster • 6 days ago

Thanks for pointing me this topic c:

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karma333 • 6 days ago


I just kinda stumbled on this form and I would love to help

I’m thinking for the gray and white I would go with Ash or. It’s a nice gender neutral name^^, I was also honking winter because of snow and Slush. for the black one I would eather go with Boo, and midnight. Or you can go with (if it’s a male) Ace, Axle, Jace, and Hugo

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immortalraven • 1 day ago

Not gonna ping anyone cause it has been so long, but if anyone who posted happens to see this that I didn't respond to, I am so sorry that I didn't respond. Just been so busy lately ;-;

They turned out to be both boys. Black and white one named Loki and then the other I named Floki from a show I watched
Floki got adopted already. Loki is gonna probably be but since my mom went on vacation with my bro we didn't take him over there to meet my mom's friend yet

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karma333 • 3 hours ago


This fit them very well. Good luck!