Eurovision song contest 2018!

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How do you feal about the Eurovision Song Contest?

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aardbeix3 • 2 May 2018 at 4:33 PM


I was wondering, do you guys know the Eurovision song contest?
It's a song contest for all the countries from Europe!
The first semi final is next week 08/05, and the second one is 10/05.
The winners will compete in a big final, together with 'the big 5' (these countries are the biggest sponsors of this contest, and so they don't have to compete to be in the final, they're sure of their place already) in a grand finale on 12/05!

Anyway, I'm from Belgium, and we compete in the first semi final... Which country are you from?
Which song is your favorite?
Do you like it? Or is this not your cup of tea, or haven't you even heard from it until now?

I'd love to know

My faves are Bulgaria, Israel and Poland! I don't think our song is bad, but it's more for a James Bond movie than an Eurovison song imo...

Ofcourse I'll be watching it! How about you?

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thedarkarcher • 2 May 2018 at 4:48 PM

@aardbeix3 i love it! just wish uk stood a chance lol

i perfer to hear the song when the show come on more suspense i guess but ive heard ours and im not a fan TT lol. still love 2009 alexander rybak though lol

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aardbeix3 • 2 May 2018 at 4:53 PM

Ahhh I love it too!
UK doesn't have a bad song, SuRie has an amazing voice! But maybe the song is not 'good enough' for her?
Idk, I'm not THAT happy with our song either though :/
Last year was better, when it was Blanche, city lights

I'm going to watch all three shows though

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katrinwolf • 18 May 2018 at 3:03 PM

Been watching Eurovision since... lemme see... yep, 2011. Only the finals, though. It's usually pretty fun, and even though many of them aren't quite my cup of tea - not a big fan of beats and modern dance-pop-whatever (even though there are some exceptions as well), I manage to find a couple songs I like every year. Don't care much about the rankings, though, as the songs I love the most are almost always somewhere down there failing miserably XD This year, my favourite was probably Albania.
@thedarkarcher Oh dear, Rybak I'm still not over his facial expressions of confusion with a pinch of worry (and will probably never be, that looks too adorable XD) And, well, it was after Fairytale won that I started gaining some interest in Eurovision (and, I believe, Yohanna's "Is It True" was from the same year as well, so it was the second thing). Even if my first fully-watched final was only two years later, he's still the one responsible for dragging me down that path...