Yasashii the Eurog

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31 May 2012
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Traded from @alannah on 1/3/13 (name was Fulbert and immortal).

Yasashii is Japanese for gentle/kind/easy/loving.

About Eurog Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for May 2012.

Eurog eggs are among the most strong of all eggs in Ark!

About the Eurog Creature

Eurog are a very strong breed of dragon. Their scales are the among the strongest of any dragon in Ark, making the Eurog very difficult to physically harm.

Despite their strong physicality and appearance, Eurogs are gentle creatures in normal contexts. In the context of danger and adventure, however, Eurogs are fierce fighters that will stop at nothing. After a Eurog has finished a fight, it needs a healthy "wind down" time to return to its calm and gentle state. If a Eurog is disturbed during this wind down period, it can spark a fiery reaction.