Nezumi-kun the Flickle

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9 May 2012
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Traded from @misa on 3/14/13 (name was OrangeFlickle).

Nezumi is Japanese for rat.

About Flickle Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for May 2012.

Flickle eggs have strange hairs that protrude from the outer shell. These hairs often resemble mouse whiskers.

About the Flickle Creature

Flickles are flying mice that are often regarded as pests. Flickles do not have a good sense of space, so they often get very close to humans and other creatures in an annoying way.

Because Flickles are quite cute, a small population of Ark residents have created what is called the "Flickle Training Academy." These residents believe that a Flickle's unattractive behavior is from a lack of training. The Flickle Training Academy is met with much skepticism by a majority of the population.