Puppy the Corphex

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5 Feb 2012
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Essence of Litsdnats
(Stage Frozen)
Name: Puppy - NFT
Stage: 1st - Frozen
Travel: Sparkling Storm Clouds
CC Critter Values

2017 Originally 5ooCC
7oo to 11ooCC at the moment [some would be worth a tiny bit more but since the re-release they lost value]

2018 Originally 5ooCC
5oo to 7ooCC so far

2018 Originally 2ooCC
2oo to 3ooCC so far

Abrillion - 8ooo + CC
Adarna - 75oo + CC
Adiped - 2ooo to 3oooCC
Aguaille - 5ooo to 55ooCC
Ahjoon - 1o,ooo + CC
Alarune - 2ooo to 3oooCC
Ambrok - 5ooo to 55ooCC
Amma - 5ooo to 6oooCC
Anaria - 25oo to 35ooCC
Aqueueren - 45oo to 55ooCC
Aquolt - 2ooo to 25ooCC
Ara - 15oo to 2ooo
Arnmnae - 1o,ooo + CC
Arpeggiarp - 5ooo to 6oooCC
Ashazar - 12oo to 17ooCC
Aut - 15oo to 2oooCC
Autuwl - 45oo to 55ooCC
Avem - 2ooo to 3oooCC
Axol - 15oo to 22ooCC

Balrogipuwet - 1o,ooo + CC
Basque - 15oo to 2oooCC
Bellato - 75oo + CC
Berr - 85oo + CC
Biwo - 1o,ooo + CC
Blu - 85oo + CC
Bomnom - 25oo to 35ooCC
Bragon - 3ooo to 4oooCC
Brios - 7ooo + CC
Burdrah - 7oo to 1oooCC
Bushay - 6ooo to 7oooCC
Buttersloff - 25oo to 3oooCC
Byte - 15oo to 2oooCC

Canic - 3ooo to 4oooCC
Cetopia - 35oo to 45ooCC
Chamillion - 1ooo to 15ooCC
Chiye - 25oo to 35ooCC
Clocat - 75oo + CC
Clous - 85oo + CC
Cloverli - 25oo to 35ooCC
Cobrart - 5ooo to 55ooCC
Copioat - 25oo to 3oooCC
Corlinn - 7ooo + CC
Corphex - 1o,ooo + CC
Corsal - 9ooo + CC
Crishorse - 25oo to 35ooCC
Crystar - 1o,ooo + CC

Dabbit - 4ooo to 45ooCC
Danaus - 35oo to 45ooCC
Deggo - 15oo to 25ooCC
Demonette - 7oo to 1oooCC
Deton - 15oo to 2oooCC
Dianesia - 25oo to 3oooCC
Diment - 7ooo to 85ooCC
Dongelic - 2ooo to 3oooCC
Doovoo - Your whole cove + some and your soul. 4o,ooo + CC [More on the + side. Pretty much however they want and just how much you're willing to do]
Draqua - 6ooo to 7oooCC
Drollo - 3oo to 4ooCC
Duckbeak - 25oo to 3oooCC
Durkmun - 55o to 65oCC
Dytoroko - 15oo to 2oooCC

Ecorth - 7ooo to 85ooCC
Effa - 55oo to 65ooCC
Eggple - 12oo to 22ooCC
Electrock - 25oo to 3oooCC
Elkikorn - 4ooo to 55ooCC
Encalop - 9ooo to 12,oooCC
Eroche - 2ooo to 25ooCC
Eurog - 75oo to 85ooCC

Faymanita - 3ooo to 35ooCC
Feep - 35oo to 4oooCC
Felindle - 35oo to 4oooCC
Fife - 12oo to 17ooCC
Flar - 7ooo to 9oooCC
Flegga - 15oo to 2oooCC
Flickle - 7ooo to 8oooCC
Flintar - 75oo to 85ooCC
Flofbite - 75oo to 85ooCC
Flufur - 4ooo to 55ooCC
Flyen - 75oo to 85ooCC
Foglin - 4ooo to 5oooCC
Folaurum - 25oo to 3oooCC
Fourbon - 15oo to 25ooCC
Frion - 75oo to 85ooCC
Furrep - 15oo to 2oooCC

Gadfly - 65oo to 75ooCC
Glutearat - 25oo to 3oooCC
Gobbler - Your whole cove + some and your soul. 4o,ooo + CC [More on the + side]
Goblar - 35oo to 4oooCC
Goldur - 5ooo to 6oooCC
Golosina - 15oo to 2oooCC
Gorri - 3ooo to 4oooCC
Greem - 4ooo to 45ooCC
Grizzard - 35oo to 4oooCC
Guinstar - 8ooo to 12,oooCC

Halldrag - 3ooo to 4oooCC
Hallowolf - 5ooo to 7oooCC
Hoppit - 2ooo to 3oooCC
Hulae - 35oo to 4oooCC
Hydrhis - 4ooo to 45ooCC

Iccilah - 6ooo to 7oooCC
Ignis - 8ooo to 14,oooCC


Kappa - 35oo to 4oooCC
Keekee - 4ooo to 45ooCC
Kektron - 7oo to 9ooCC
Kelpa - 15oo to 25ooCC
Kepatio - 7oo to 9ooCC
Khione - 35oo to 45ooCC
Kiinirit - 7oo to 9oo
Kirin - 55oo to 65ooCC
Kittynk - 5oo to 6ooCC
Koalyptus - 4ooo to 45ooCC
Koin - 35o to 4ooCC
Koleda - 15oo to 25ooCC
Kringus - 55oo to 7oooCC

Lal - 4ooo to 45ooCC
Laniwon - 5ooo to 6oooCC
Leffer - 2ooo to 3oooCC
Lem - 15oo to 25ooCC
Lenochod - 2ooo to 25ooCC
Leroon - 5ooo to 6oooCC
Leynne - 15oo to 2oooCC
Lucky - 7oo to 12ooCC
Lunantis - 2ooo to 25ooCC
Luvlei - 3ooo to 4oooCC
Lycire - 1ooo to 25ooCC

Macbot - Your whole cove + some and your soul. 4o,ooo + CC [More on the + side. Pretty much however they want and just how much you're willing to do]
Melodie - 15oo to 2oooCC
Mimic - 17oo to 22ooCC
Mirdouse - 25oo to 35ooCC
Miros - 45oo to 55ooCC
Morkhir - 7oo to 12ooCC
Mucustropod - 12oo to 22ooCC
Mummar - 7ooo to 8oooCC

Narlock - 4ooo to 5oooCC
Nym - 15,ooo to 25,oooCC

Onabi - 35oo to 45ooCC
Onny - Your whole cove + some and your soul. 4o,ooo + CC [More on the + side. One in auction 9/12/17. Current bid is like 65,oooCC so yeah give ya an idea for ones like Onny.]
Oos - 4ooo to 45ooCC
Ophirum - 3ooo to 35ooCC
Ornisment - 15oo to 2oooCC
Oscoa - 5ooo to 7oooCC
Osi - 2ooo to 3oooCC
Othgog - 7ooo to 8oooCC

Pandai - 35oo to 5oooCC
Parlock - 3ooo to 4oooCC
Paroxy - 6ooo to 7oooCC
Peeturk - 3ooo to 45ooCC
Pendence - 7oo to 12ooCC
Piki - 8oo to 15ooCC
Pixgog - 1o,ooo to 2o,oooCC
Plymowl - 1ooo to 15ooCC
Poplin - 7ooo to 75ooCC
Poppy - 2ooo to 3oooCC
Psyfera - 12oo to 2oooCC
Pupkin - 5ooo to 6oooCC
Purita - 15oo to 25ooCC

Qor - 15oo to 2oooCC

Raicorn - 6ooo to 7oooCC
Ranfil - 5ooo to 55ooCC
Raskoon - 7ooo to 75ooCC
Rathrop - 3ooo to 4oooCC
Rayun - 45o to 6ooCC
Reep - 15oo to 2oooCC
Regga - 1ooo to 15ooCC
Rencup - 7ooo to 8oooCC
Revii - 25oo to 35ooCC
Rhinedorf - 4ooo to 5oooCC
Ribbert - 45oo to 6oooCC
Rie - 6ooo to 75ooCC
Riggert - 35oo to 45ooCC
Roarnt - 1ooo to 25ooCC
Robark - 1ooo to 15ooCC
Roknatun - 2ooo to 3oooCC
Ryby - 7oo to 12ooCC

Scarrow - 6ooo to 7oooCC
Seedart - 2ooo to 3oooCC
Seiren - 7ooo to 8oooCC
Seralphae - 1ooo to 15ooCC
Seren - 15oo to 2oooCC
Serpede - 7ooo to 8oooCC
Shamrue - 7ooo to 8oooCC
Sharken - 3ooo to 35ooCC
Sheap - 7ooo to 8oooCC
Sherth - 5ooo to 6oooCC
Sikeree - 15oo to 2oooCC
Sirena - 7oo to 1oooCC
Slysal - 7ooo to 8oooCC
Smorlin - 15oo to 2oooCC
Snolo - 65oo to 7oooCC
Solis - 8ooo to 9oooCC
Soutenue - 1ooo to 12ooCC
Spookcat - 7ooo to 75ooCC
Spunny - 15oo to 2oooCC
Squearth - 65oo to 8oooCC
Squinton - 5ooo to 6oooCC
Staga - 15oo to 2oooCC
Strawbearry - 3ooo to 35ooCC
Sylvern - 2ooo to 25ooCC

Tarsier - 45oo to 5oooCC
Teason - 3ooCC
Tentropy - 1ooo to 2oooCC
Terapox - 25oo to 3oooCC
Tokk - 7ooo to 8oooCC
Trinoceros - 2ooo to 25ooCC
Trisk - 4ooo to 5oooCC
Turkopia - 3ooCC
Turtux - 55oo to 65ooCC

Unipeg - 5ooo to 65ooCC
Ursaroid - 3oo to 45oCC

Valequine - 7oo to 1oooCC
Valgrun - 6ooo to 7oooCC
Vampyr - 7ooo to 8oooCC
Vattone - 4ooo to 5oooCC
Vecker - 3ooo to 4oooCC
Veema - 15oo to 25ooCC
Vleermus - 15oo to 25ooCC
Volar - 15oo to 2oooCC

Wicculin - 15oo to 25ooCC
Wigglet - 2ooo to 3oooCC
Willowisp - 3oo to 4ooCC

Xiang - 3ooo to 35ooCC

Yuki - 7ooo to 9oooCC

Zinzall - 5ooo to 6oooCC
Zuria - 15oo to 2oooCC

About Corphex Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for February 2012.

Corphex eggs are very bright; they absorb all kinds of light except rare forms of blue, purple, and magenta (which is what they reflect).

About the Corphex Creature

First-stage Corphexes are a common gift between young couples. Corphexes are regarded as a symbol of young and pure love. More developed Corphexes are symbols of eternal love or "love that is enduring." If a Corphex dies prematurely, it is said to be a sign of bad luck for one's love life.