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8 Dec 2011
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Another beautiful gift from that friend that I love so so much! I hope both you boys know that I've never let anyone else call me Manderkins before and get away with it.


All thanks to @uni

Original name: Suwusjxj


Alright, I guess it's time to write another "About Me" thingy again, just that this is gonna last, and I'm gonna make it lengthy.

I'm Ushafuse like I always am, but that's not my name for sure (ushafuse is in fact a combination of a fan brand and another electrical thing, don't judge). You can call me whatever you like.

I started playing this game at 8, and you can do the math to see how old I am now because I'm probably never editing this again. I'm Chinese, from Singapore, so don't think I know anything about China. Since I'm Chinese, I'm also bilingual, which is something I'm oddly proud of on this site since no one seems to know a lot of languages. Although I'm probably younger than you thought I was, treat me the way you would have if you didn't know my age.

I'm very different online than in RL, but just know that I'm an introvert, and probably won't be the one to start a conversation unless I know you well. I won't bite, so just hit me up with one anytime, I'm especially in need of them since the song 'Breaking The Habit' is making me depressed.

Writing and drawing are my passions, but I usually stick to writing since art isn't really my forte. People who write naturally like reading too, if I'm not wrong. Other than that, the only few things I do are playing this game and Stardew Valley (at the time of writing this), watching anime/cartoons/TV shows/movies, listening to random nice songs. I'll most likely elaborate on that on some other creature's profile.

Well, I don't want to squeeze everything about me in this page, so I'll make a directory somewhere else.

About Kringus Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for December 2011.

Kringus eggs are known for being hard to grip because of their blubbery feel.

About the Kringus Creature

The Kringus is a very happy, jolly species of walrus. They are found on the shores of Ark, making friends with other Kringuses and helping out their fellow species.

To date, Kringuses have no known enemies or predators. But from a scientific standpoint, they are not the most populous species in Ark.