Sorry the Seiren

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1 Sep 2011
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I'm sorry... NOT! HAHA~
-Sorry the Trickster

Sister: Joy
Brother: Reaching
Sister: Airashi
Description: An apology that will make the heart soft.

From @aldyrine. She gave away her creatures to new players in the summer of 2012, allowing many of us to now be able to stand here today as long-time users. I always kept this Seiren. This isn't the original, it used to be an egg, so I traded it for this stage. I kept its original name, Sorry, and gave it to this Seiren in memoir of her kindness.

About Seiren Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for September 2011.

Seiren eggs are the most intelligent egg form of any creature discovered in Ark. Shortly after a Seiren egg is laid, it halts the development of the embryo and uses all of its energy to grow a pair of wings on the egg (some refer to them as flippers). After the wings are fully grown, development of the embryo resumes. The wings are then used to keep the egg afloat at the surface of the water (Seiren eggs are laid in water). Seiren eggs need to be immersed in water to develop but must remain at the surface to get oxygen.

About the Seiren Creature

Seirens are very quick-witted creatures that live near the bottom of the northeastern seas of Ark. Seirens have developed underwater cities with advanced types of structures carved out of caves and caverns in the ocean's floor. Seirens have even built conductor channels from the vents in the ocean's floor to heat the water in the structures. The last and most stunning thing about Seirens is that they actively catch and trap bioluminescent fish in nets, bottles, and other materials that they can find to light their cities.

In studies that the Science and Research Center in Ark City has done, Seirens are, behaviorally (not genetically ) speaking, the closest living creature to humans.