Atsidi the Colatay

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22 Jan 2011
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Atsidi stays with me, traded her 9/22/13...
Possible she will get an unfreeze in future....


About Colatay Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in January of 2011.

Colatay eggs are a rich chocolate color, which causes many Ark citizens' mouths to water upon seeing Colatay eggs. Needless to say, eating Colatay eggs have been attempted many times before, but the unfortunate people who have attempted this soon found out that Colatay eggs taste like rotten dung.

About the Colatay Creature

It is not uncommon for humans to be naturally repulsed by flying Colaties, for oftentimes a thick, liquid-like brown substance naturally sheds from Colaties' wings. Humans erroneously assume this is poo when it is in fact not. Contrary to popular belief, Colaties are naturally disciplined creatures that clean up after themselves if they make a mess. Not once has a Colatay ever pooed on any person.

Lastly, a rare and unusual pattern has been observed in Colaties. The first stage of the Colatay has pale blue eyes, but in adult form Colaties' eyes change to a vivid, deep green color. This green color is very mesmerizing; sometimes humans will purposefully stare into their Colatay's eyes for a couple of minutes before bed because many claim that it induces a deep sleep, accompanied by joyful dreams.