07_Anna the Blobbart

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22 Jan 2011
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Immortal Creature!

From: @happyspy. Thank you!
Population Rank: ****
Habitat: Northern Plains
Retired: Available Jan 20 - Jan 31, 2011

Travel: Star of Bethlehem

About Blobbart Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in January of 2011.

Blobbart eggs smell like a nasty burp. And with the discovery of the Blobbart, the word "burp" had become quickly replaced with the word "blobbarted." Sometimes horrid breath can earn a Blobbart reference too, but is it typically reserved for burps.

Blobbart eggs also have a rare type of blue ring around them; samples of this blue material have been taken and it has been determined that it is a type of purified sapphire. For this reason, Blobbart eggs are the most commonly traded for high sums of EC.

About the Blobbart Creature

The Blobbart has been nicknamed "The Creature Birthed from Sapphire." Baby Blobbarts are exceptionally cute and make heart-melting faces and noises. However, a fully grown Blobbart is similar to a hyper puppy, with some added grossness. Adult Blobbarts are known to, not surprisingly, frequently belch and depending upon the severity of the belch, it can knock humans out for days on end. Blobbarts also slobber everywhere when eating food, but the belch that follows is typically their signature.