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10 Jun 2019
17 Jun 2019
8 Jul 2019
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The day my dream (of having my own suggestion made) came true. The Orbisma, now known as the Catsmos is officially my first successful creature suggestion on eggcave! ^^

Here's a lil back story/ fun fact thingy: The yellow 'meteoroid' on the Catsmos was supposed to be a sun (on the concept art) as in earth orbiting around the sun or vice versa but idk how to draw them so.. now it's a rock.

Thanks @Prairie for the name! (traded for a pipared)

Original/first name: CatsmosThx

Froze: 26/06/2019.

About Catsmos Eggs

A perfect, almost impossibly smooth stone sits near the top of Catsmos eggs. Testing conducted at the Science and Research Center has since revealed its composition to be similar in makeup to the Mysterious Asteroid's own, prompting speculation that the Catsmos is of extraterrestrial origin.

About the Catsmos Creature

Catsmos often display an unusual affection for Storticai in spite of the latter claiming to be unfamiliar with them prior to visiting Ark. Telepathic abilities almost always manifest within every Catsmos after enough prolonged exposure, allowing them to communicate with other species. Preliminary studies have shown that the presence of meteorites can amplify this telepathic ability. No explanation for this effect has yet been found.

The Mysterious Asteroid's leading researcher, Dr. Roswell, has a pet Catsmos named Umbra.