-_Inkling_- the Yazan

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-_Inkling_- the Yazan

╔══════ ══════╗

With ink as dark as night,
With the brush dancing across the paper,
With stories and drawings cover,
The scrolls carrying happiness

╚══════ ══════╝

A cold, windy night. Pure darkness covers the sky, the only light from buildings. Deep into the earth, a Yazan sits, a unfinished scroll in front. Carefully, she forms the letters. She stops, and looks at the other scrolls around her, filled with information about other creatures. In the corner of the room, an egg sits, surrounded by finished scrolls, black curling around a white surface.

A young Yazan readies her tail, her mother beside her. Her tail touches the paper and she quickly lifts it. Her mother whispers words of encouragement and she again readies her tail. Her tail touches the paper and starts to curve the ink. She lifts it with happiness, having made the letter. Her mother smiles.

The young Yazan concentrating on the sketch in front of her. Her tail makes three more strokes before she is satisfied by the draft. Putting that away, her mother enters. The mother walks towards her and smiles at the draft. She opens a scroll and explains the meaning of it. The Yazan nods and continues with the drawing. The mother looks very, very tired. A few more eggs lie in the corner.

[colour=gray]Her story continues.....[/colour]



-Chapter One-

The cub padded to the moonlight, enchanted. Her fur was silver and streaked with black and gray. Her eyes were half-blue and light gray. A female wolf padded to her and cleaned her face. The cub looked up at the wolf and then....darkness.

Victoria wakes up with a start. She sits in her bed for a while, breathing heavily. She reaches out for her black glasses and puts them on. Victoria studies the darkened room for a minute and then sighs. "It was just a dream," She fingers her silver crescent moon pendant, like she always did. She looks at her digital clock. 4:06. Victoria lifts her blanket off her and walks to her desk. She turns on the reading lamp and takes one of the heavy, hardcover books she was reading. She opens the book and takes out her Percy Jackson bookmark. And thus the book began......

That girl....Alex watches the girl with the dark, loose braid and glasses rush to her desk at the back, next to the window. He didn't understand. The girl was always early, but she always rushes. Does she think she was going to be late? She silently places the giant book she was carrying-how does she even do that? It's a giant book!-on her desk and sits down. She takes out her pencil case and her sketchbook and places them next to the book. As she places her bag leaning on the wall, Alex glimpses paintbrushes, and a couple more books. A voice in his head tells him, "Who cares? She's the weirdo, she does weird stuff," She takes a pencil from the pencil case and starts drawing. He stands up and walks over to her desk, without her even noticing. He leans over her. It was only a few lines, but he could already tell that it was a panther. "Hey, that's a pretty cool drawing," Alex says.
"W-wha?" The girl turns around and sees him. "B-but, it's just a few sketch lines, that's all," She fiddles with the moon pendent that was around her neck.
"Mind if I watch you?"
"Uh, n-not at all!" She turns from him and picks up the pencil. She was tense but after a while, she grew more relaxed. "I finished the sketch," She smiles. She shows it to Alex.
"That's..." Alex was speechless. It was an exact image of a panther. "Amazing," He finishes.
"Yeah, it's just too bad I can't imagine the colors on my drawings," She starts to close the book.
"Wait, you don't color your drawings?" Alex asks.
"Yeah, what about it?" She looks at him.
"Then there's no life in them," He takes her sketchbook.
Alex flips through the drawings. All of the images were beautiful.....except they didn't have life. He walks to his desk and fishes out his coloring stationary. He opens it and he takes out a pencil. "My name's Alex, by the way," He starts to do the line art.
The girl stares at him. Her lips move. "Victoria,"

Alex freezes then continues the line art. "Nice name," He says, his voice a little strained. Victoria just sits there awkwardly. A student comes in with a friend, chatting. "What class is this?" He asks.
"Art Class or Homeroom," Victoria replies.
"Sweet," Alex smiles. He finishes the line art and takes a black pencil.
"U-um," Victoria looks at him.
"This classroom is my Homeroom and art classroom,"
"Oh!" Victoria's heart jumps. She had a friend in one of her classes!(Unless you count Homeroom, then that makes two classes) "Me too!"
The rush of students appears. The teacher walks in and calls attendance, after everyone's seated, of course. Everyone from Homeroom and not this art class disappears and another wave of students starts. Time passes and morning break starts. Alex walks towards Victoria.
"Hey, I finished coloring all the drawings!" He shows her the pictures.
"Wow," Victoria happily takes the book from him.
"Well, I'll just go," Alex shoots a quick smile and starts walking away.
"W-Wait!" Victoria runs to him, stopping his movement. She takes a pencil from her pocket, flips to a page and writes. "Wait a sec," She finishes and rips the page out. "Here," She hands him a picture. He takes it and smiles. It was a picture of the panther. Curvy letters surround it, 'A Thank You Gift! For being a friend!' He chuckles.
"Thanks," He looks up. But instead of being in the school grounds, he was in a forest. He looks down at the picture. But instead of the picture, he sees black paws. He looks up again. And instead of Victoria, a silver wolf stands in front of him.

-Chapter End-

About Yazan Eggs

Yazan eggs must be stored in a dark space below room temperature in order to preserve the valued ink found swimming beneath the first few exterior layers of the eggs surface. Too much handling can cause damage to the purity of the ink and ultimately destroy the creature found inside. When the egg is almost completely black in color, it will be ready to hatch.

About the Yazan Creature

Legend tells that the Yazans are the storytellers of the great world of Ark. They live deep within the earth's surface to provide themselves with the serenity they need in order to write the various tales of Ark's many creatures. The ink required to write such tales courses through their veins and deposits a droplet every few seconds into the feather-like fur found at the tip of their tails.

The magic found in the ink is very strong, and sometimes a very rare few of these creatures have found themselves blinded, eyes turning black as coal, overcome by the ink inside them. These particular Yazans depend solely on the strength of their minds and their tails to write the stories before them.

The stories of old found in the Archives are rumored to be authored by the Yazans themselves.