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Sylvaritas: I found this name while looking through my profile on the Wayback Machine. I'm fairly certain it's just a made-up name since searching for it results in nothing special, but I liked the sound of it so I claimed it.

About Obarn Eggs

Obarn eggs have an all-seeing eye near the center. The Science and Research Center concluded this because, after Obarns hatched, they seemed to be aware of their surroundings and visited the place where they, as an egg, spent the most time. Be careful what you say... Obarns may know you as well as you know yourself.

About the Obarn Creature

Obarn have an incredible sense of sight and can detect even the slightest of movements (particularly in the dark). They are also extremely quiet when they fly, giving them the ability to easily swoop and attack ground creatures. When Obarn aren't catching their prey, they like to peacefully sit in trees and observe their surroundings; as a result, they are very aware of their external environment. Wisdom is their specialty because of their peaceful waiting.