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Seagreen: A shade of green. I found this name while looking through my profile on the Wayback Machine and thought it was rather cute.

About Impkin Eggs

Once an Impkin egg is laid within a pumpkin, it is not long before the creature within hatches and devours the pulp and seeds. When the innards of its pumpkin host has been completely hollowed out, the Impkin will use its sharp spade-like tail to carve out openings to allow airflow before eventually escaping through a cut-out lid.

About the Impkin Creature

Impkins are rather simple, mischievous creatures known to gorge themselves upon plentiful crops to the point of sickness. Having only been observed feasting upon non-sentient pumpkins, they actively avoid tormenting the likes of Kinump, Scarrows, and Jacko. The reluctance to attack these squash species, particularly Kinump, is thought to be the result of an ongoing conflict with Grubbugs. Edgar, a Grubbug who conducts field research for the Science and Research Center in Ark City, has denied his species harboring animosity towards Impkins:

"Impkins, eh? Nah, we ain't ever gave 'em trouble. Annoyin' fellas, sure, but dey're harmless. Panicky, too. Y'ever see a Scarrow or Jacko up close an' personal? It really ain't a wonder why Impkins wanna keep away from 'em. As fer not attackin' Kinump, well... I dunno! I guess dey're scaredy-cats. Er, imps. Point is, dere's no beef b'tween us."

It has been proposed that the Impkin species originated from The Fiery Shadows a long time prior to establishing its current habitat throughout the farmlands of the island. The life of a farmer on Ark is nothing short of trials and tribulations, especially around autumn.