Rockflash the Ragon

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30 Apr 2010
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Ambrevina Rockflash, a badgermaid who befriends the brave young otter Flandor, who gets murdered by the Sable Quean while valiantly trying to save a shrewmaid. Ambrevina is devastated, but the badger of the Rockflash blood gets her vengeance one day.

from anubis123 a very wonderful person who is leaving eggcave and will be missed
not up for trade/adoption thanks!

About Ragon Eggs

This egg was only given out for the Creature Release Week in April 2010.

About the Ragon Creature

Ragon are a vicious creature with a goat's head; they breath purple fire. The purple fire emits a special type of radiation that prevents any form of life to regrow. Ragon spread destruction wherever they go and are not friendly toward their owners. It's best to let them do whatever they please.