Cartaphilius the Flamustela

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About Flamustela Eggs

Flamustela eggs are laid underground in burrows near the foothills of The Volcano. The flickering blue flames that dance across the eggs (and down the long, slender body of hatched Flamustelas) do not cause intraspecies harm due to a unique chemical composition of both the shell and fur that is effectively fire resistant.

About the Flamustela Creature

When successfully locating a Flamustela burrow, a keen eye and patience is generally required to do so. These burrows are cleverly camouflaged among The Volcano's barren landscape, the entrances concealed with rocks that seamlessly blend into the rest of the surroundings. Someone who is willing to wait and watch a Flamustela burrow from afar is eventually rewarded with the adorable sight of a gentle creature with beady eyes, wriggly round ears, a twitchy nose, and a brilliant blue flame.