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About Tigloo Eggs

Due to their need for cold temperatures, Tigloo eggs can only be uncovered using an ice pick, as they are often buried deep into the ice by their parents. Recently, more Tigloo eggs are prematurely surfacing due to an increase in melting ice as a result of global warming. Luckily, the Science and Research Center has discovered this issue, so they've started to set up man-made coolers where Tigloo parents can lay their eggs in cold temperatures. Even so, many Tigloo eggs still perish in the unnaturally warm temperatures.

About the Tigloo Creature

Often hidden in their shells, Tigloos are very shy creatures who prefer not to come into contact with other creatures. As a result, they mostly live in the icy Coldworld and rarely communicate with other Tigloos. Their igloo shells are used for camouflage, and Tigloos are quick to withdraw into the cold coverings at the slightest outside sound. However, their igloo shells are often mistaken by Coldworld hunters as shelter, so awkward encounters are fairly common.

Though their body temperature is cold, Tigloos are warm, friendly creatures. Their growing popularity has led to a campaign for stopping the deadly global warming that prevents many Tigloo eggs from hatching, so Tigloos are often used on posters and merchandise. Overall, Tigloos are loved by all, and the general public has begun to take measures to protect this lovable yet endangered species.