J6541236 the Jubaleen

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About Jubaleen Eggs

The Jubaleen egg consists of a brightly coloured shell encased in a protective glass-like barrier. These eggs began appearing after a particularly stormy night when huge tidal waves came in from the oceans North of Ark and washed them ashore.

About the Jubaleen Creature

Primitive markings in a small, secluded branch of the mysterious Cave detail the ancient Arkians' first encounter with the Jubaleen, which the Science and Research Center concludes to have been painted long before the sinking of Ark. According to these paintings, the ancient Arkians revered the Jubaleen as a great sea spirit who blessed those it favored with prosperous fishing (though this is theorized to be largely due in part of other creatures being drawn to its vibrant coloring).

These Arkians believed that the markings on the creature predicted a year of great prosperity for Ark, particularly in the fishing industry. While many Arkian fishermen have noted a significant increase in the number have fish they have caught during this year, it is unclear if this is the result of good fortune or merely an incredible coincidence.