BladeWolf the Twobot

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26 Jul 2017
1 Jan 2018
1 Jul 2018
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Blade Wolf: You can't throw this guy a bone as his exoskeleton does not resemble a canine. It's amusing on no levels.
(Name holder, but I guess giving it to a robot is fitting.)

About Twobot Eggs

The Twobot egg isn't really an egg. It's actually a digital device that you have to plug in to hatch successfully! So charge away. It makes a strange whirring noise, though, like that of a coil whine. Perhaps that noise will be fixed in the next version.

About the Twobot Creature

The Twobot, the second-generation of the original Macbot, is the standard in personal assistants. Unlike the earlier Macbot version, the Twobot is extremely affordable that many Arkians can afford. The Twobot can't simulate human emotions or cook for you just yet but it can fetch any piece of data for you, order CaveCash, place online orders, and carry on otherwise entertaining conversations with human beings.

The biggest complaint about the Twobot is battery life. Its battery doesn't seem to last quite as long as people hoped, so be sure to charge it regularly!