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20 Jan 2017
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About Zalaeth Eggs

Zalaeth eggs, while rather large, are astoundingly light. The feathers that adorn the shell become noticeably more vibrant the closer the egg is to hatching.

About the Zalaeth Creature

Zalaeths live the majority of their lives in the sky. Their multiple sets of wings and ability to manipulate the winds gives them an unprecedented grace and agility as they fly. Conversely, they are extremely ungainly when they walk the earth. A Zalaeth's legs are very short and nearly useless in terms of walking as the Zalaeth grows larger. As such Zalaeths prefer flight as their mode of travel and will rarely land.

Like the winds they soar upon, Zalaeths tend to be flighty and fickle as their moods change with mercurial swiftness. Many societies of ancient Ark worshiped the Zalaeth as the supreme deity of the air.