Gidi the Flagrafly

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3 Jul 2016
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About Flagrafly Eggs

Flagrafly eggs are cool to the touch in spite of the searing flames bursting forth. Curiously, these eggs will steadily drop in internal temperature as they near hatching to the point of almost freezing.

About the Flagrafly Creature

The Fiery Shadows is an unforgiving, cruel realm occupied by creatures of often malicious or unknown intentions. Very little is known about the ecology of this dark dimension, but Flagraflies are seemingly at the bottom of the food chain and possesses no actual threat to the inhabitants of Ark.

Flagraflies are a staple to the diet of many creatures in The Fiery Shadows and oftentimes barely live long enough to lay their eggs. In Ark, they fare a much higher rate of survival than they do in their native habitat.