Otocyon the Foxfly

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4 Mar 2016
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*he is born on my parents 25 years anniversary

*did you ever lookt up a foxfly on google well i did and i found this


*You pay the shopkeeper 478,782 EC and receive your Mystery Egg.

You wait with the shopkeeper for about 4 minutes and hope that the egg hatches because you desperately want to see what the creature might be...

YOUR MYSTERY EGG HATCHES SUCCESSFULLY! You're overwhelmed with excitement as you gaze upon your brand-new baby creature. You immediately have feelings of love and care for your creature. You notice that it's a Foxfly and can't wait for it to grow up.

About Foxfly Eggs

Foxfly eggs glow with a soft luminescence from within. If the cracks in your walls glow slightly there is a good chance there are Foxfly eggs in there.

About the Foxfly Creature

The light from thousands of Foxflies is a common sight on warm Leila evenings. Not only does the orb on the end of a Foxfly's tail glow, it's eyes and wings do as well. While this does make them larger targets for nocturnal predators they make up for this by being extremely fast and agile while flying helping them avoid slower predators.

Foxflies posses a trait that makes them very valuable to Leila's gardening population, they prey primarily upon Goggies.