Enigmapurr the Spidet

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13 Nov 2015
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This is my spidet Enigmapurr. I named him because these mysterious creatures are an enigma and his egg made a purring noise. The idea of deadly spidet venom scares me but I don't want to give Enigmapurr up, so I hope all goes well. His first words were "Buy me more toys" and he seems to like green apples. He's sort of the cheekiest of the bunch and was my first pet.

About Spidet Eggs

Spidet eggs are very toxic and should not be touched. When touched, human skin reacts negatively and breaks out in large, painful sores.

About the Spidet Creature

Spidets can be found roaming the floors of the northern jungles of Ark. They are friendly creatures that enjoy socializing with other species, but their venom is very toxic and causes temporary paralysis for several days.

When threatened, a Spidet will aerosolize their venom, very similar to a skunk, and spray it in all directions. The aerosolized venom is much more toxic than any other form of Spidet venom because it causes sores on the inside of the lungs.

If you do happen to befriend a Spidet, they are very loyal and faithful hunter-gatherers that love to explore new places and collect items along their way. You never know what valuable item your Spidet may bring back with them.