Chine the Chev

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26 Jul 2015
16 Nov 2017
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Chine: A steep-sided river valley where the river flows to the sea through, typically, soft eroding coastal cliffs of sandstone or clays. It can also be defined as the backbone of an animal as it appears in a joint of meat.

About Chev Eggs

This egg was only given out on July 21-28 of 2015 for Egg Cave's 6-year birthday celebration.

About the Chev Creature

A descendent of the goat, the Chev evolved by growing a hard spinal coat of blue rock. This added spinal strength makes Chevs more capable of traversing dangerous and rocky mountainsides. Chevs can breathe fine at high altitudes; the Science and Research Center in Ark City believes that the blue rock on their backs is capable of storing additional oxygen that can be delivered when there isn't a lot of oxygen in the air.