Orie the Poibleu

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About Poibleu Eggs

Poibleu eggs are often found in nests floating along streams or rivers. They have a feathery touch to them.

About the Poibleu Creature

Poibleus are born with the ability to swim in water, making them easy prey for larger waterfowl and birds. However, as their body matures, their fins slowly transform into feathers that allow them to breathe both through their gills underwater and fly above sea level. For that reason, this stage is the most plentiful of the species.

But when Poibleus reach full maturity, their feathery wings will grow over their gills, taking away their swimming abilities. So alas, once again they become targets for many other large birds. The reason why their fins change color is unknown. It has been proven that it helps them blend into the sky, looking like a small pink blob instead.