Ichi the Hinonia

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9 Apr 2015
3 Aug 2015
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Ainda que haja noite no coração, vale a pena sorrir para que haja estrelas na escuridão (Although there is night in the heart, it is worth smiling so that there are stars in the darkness)

Thanks @anthesia for this awesome gift (25/03/2017)
Frozen on 19/04/2017
Renamed Ichi (one in japanese) because it was the first gift I received on eggcave and is also my favorite creature, also is my best friend nickname

Never up for trade.

This creature belongs to @sandara

About Hinonia Eggs

Hinonia eggs are covered in fluffy fur. This fur contains tiny capillaries that help radiate excess heat away from the egg. At night adult Hinonias will sleep surrounding the communal nest and thus incubate the eggs during the cold desert nights.

About the Hinonia Creature

The markings that cover a Hinonia's body are not all natural. Each Hinonia is born with a few small markings, usually around the face or paws. Parents of a newly hatched Hinonia will paint the rest of the markings on its body with their tails using a natural plant dye. These markings will constantly change as the Hinonia grows. Each mark designates an important event, achievement, or even loss that has occurred in the Hinonia's lifetime.

The markings themselves are distinct between the different Hinonia tribes. A mark for which tribe a Hinonia comes from can be found on either the forehead or upper chest. Despite the differences there is enough commonality between the markings that Hinonia from separate tribes can discern at least part of the meanings of each others markings. To those who did not grow up in a Hinonia tribe these markings have little or no meaning. Being told the meaning of even one of a Hinonia's markings is considered a great honor and show of trust.