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Dandelion was one of the Sandleford Warren survivors. He is a yellow-furred rabbit, hence his name. He is Watership Down's resident storyteller, having collected several stories about El-ahrairah and Lord Frith. He is also rather of a smart mouth. He always makes a joke when someone says something out of the ordinary, and he talks back to everyone. He is good friends with Hawkbit and Blackberry. He is also the fastest runner, next to Blackberry, out of all the other Watership Down Warren rabbits.

In the second book, Tales from Watership Down, Dandelion told the stories following El-ahrairah finding the Black Rabbit of Inle, and going through the warren of the dead. He told the story of El-ahrairah and his friend and right side leader, Rabscuttle 's, long journey home from the Warren of the Dead.

TV series
In the television series, Dandelion is still described as an accomplished storyteller, is more of a joker and wise guy and provides much of the series' comedy relief. However, he is a very likeable, jolly character easy to make anyone laugh (Except Bigwig). He is also a good friend of Hawkbit.

About Lagcaous Eggs

Lagcaous eggs are a common gift that parents give to their children around Easter time.

About the Lagcaous Creature

The Lagcaous actually undergos a very slow hatching process. The shell on the Lagcaous egg will stretch and grow, forming a protective exoskeleton around the young Lagcaous. Over time this exoskeleton will begin to decay and slowly melts away, exposing the Lagcaous's very soft fur.

Lagcaouses are very playful and love to receive attention. They are also relatively easy to care for, all qualities that make them excellent companions.