Clovenfords the Finti

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Clovenfords: A village in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland, which is located a mile north of the hamlet of Caddonfoot and four miles west of Galashiels.

About Finti Eggs

Despite being extremely common, Finti eggs are actually very difficult to find. This is because an adult Finti will dig a hole underneath patches of clovers, and will only lay her eggs there. While in its egg stage, oxygen is considered to be toxic to Finti. Since there is much less airflow in the soil than there is in the atmosphere, it is relatively safe for Finti eggs to grow in the soil without becoming intoxicated.

When the egg hatches, the Finti is no longer affected by oxygen, and can emerge from the ground safely.

About the Finti Creature

Contrary to common belief, Finti are strict carnivores and cannot digest vegetation, including clovers. In fact, nobody knows why Finti seem to resemble clovers. The only relation they have to them is that the mother always buries her eggs beneath clover patches, but otherwise, they spend no time around them and don't seem to have any affinity for them. What looks like a coat on the adult Finti's back and shoulders is not actually grass either -- it's actually their fur!

Finti are excellent hunters in that they are nocturnal and can move extremely quickly in complete silence. As they grow more legs through age, they become faster, and surprisingly more quiet with their movements. Some Arkians believe that witnessing an adult Finti is considered to be good luck due to the rare four-leaf clover symbol on their mask.