Rosanca the Flegga

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11 May 2014
17 Sep 2014
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Essence of Litsdnats
(Stage Frozen)
Name: Rosanca
Stage: Egg - Frozen
Travel: Seaweed Forest

About Flegga Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for Mother's Day 2014 (May 11).

The flower that grows upon Flegga eggs is representative of their current health. A vibrant, pink flower indicates a healthy egg while a wilted, dull one suggests that the embryo is close to death. The strange aroma of Flegga flowers can be described as a mixture of lavender and spearmint.

About the Flegga Creature

Flegga are a prime example of parenting in the animal kingdom. After laying their eggs, Flegga mothers will become fiercely protective of their nest. Between the period of egg laying and hatching, mother Flegga will refuse to stray too far and will even go for days without eating if need be to ensure the safety of their eggs.

In an on-going experiment conducted by the Science and Research Center in Ark City, Flegga will actually care for the eggs from other fish species as an adoptive parent of sorts. So far, not a single species has been rejected by a Flegga.