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Named after Niamh from Son of the Shadows - book by Juliet Marillier

She was my first baby on eggcave


Niamh24 holds my Item Collection

General Food Store - complete
Toy Shop - complete
Bakery: complete
Bean Sack - complete
Library - complete
Trinket Travels - complete
Finley Flavours - complete

Currently Missing:

Travels - I'm missing mostly the retired and CSP travels:

1. A Walk In The Woods CSP
10. Ancient Temple Top CSP
24. Ark City Art Gallery CSP
27. Ark City Greenhouse  CSP
34. Ark Lantern Festival CSP
42. Autumnal Equinox CSP
50. Beaming Jungle CSP
66. Bonzai Heart CSP
68. Bright Yellow Sunset CSP
75. Butterfly Net CSP
82. Candy Cane Button - retired
84. Candy Cane Way - retired
88. Carnivore Jungle CSP
91. Celtic Clover CSP
95. Central Mountain View CSP
97. Cherry Blossom Path CSP
99. Christmas Lit House - retired
100. Christmas Morning CSP
102. Christmas Tree - retired
104. Circle of Demons CSP
110. Clouds - retired
113. Coldworld Lands CSP
114. Colorful Carnival Stand CSP
115. Colorful Easter Basket - retired
120. Cookies for Santa CSP
125. Creature Flight Pod CSP
127. Creature Ornament CSP
129. Creepy Grave CSP
132. Crow's Nest CSP
133. Cresting Wave CSP
136. Cupid Wings CSP
140. Cybernetic Testing Lab CSP
142. Dark Bamboo Forest CSP
145. Dark Magic Falls CSP
146. Dark Magical Circles CSP
148. Dark Purple Mist CSP
153. Digital Control Panel CSP
154. Doomed House on a Hill CSP
155. Double Waterfall CSP
161. Dwarf Star 1000 Space Ship CSP
162. Dystopian Watch Towers CSP
165. Easter Fans - retired
167. Easter Nest CSP
168. Easter Pottery - retired
173. Eerie Glow CSP
177. Egg Patch - retired
185. Fake Desert Oasis CSP
187. Farmer's Market CSP
196. First Flowers CSP
198. Flaming Flower Power CSP
199. Floating Bridge CSP
202. Flower Vine on a Bare Tree CSP
203. Flowered Hills CSP
204. Flying Easter Eggs! CSP
210. Forest Exit CSP
212. Fort Ark CSP
218. Giant Cobweb CSP
221. Giant Huggable Bunny CSP
224. Gingerbread House - retired
234. Golden Savannah CSP
238. Grand Cathedral CSP
243. Half Underwater View CSP
245. Halloween Fun House CSP
252. Heart Balloon - retired
254. Heavenly Light CSP
265. Hut at the North Pole CSP
266. Ice Tree with Bows CSP
269. In A Painting CSP
278. Jungle Clearing CSP
286. Laser Dance Party CSP
291. Leaf Headdress CSP
292. Leaf Ring CSP
302. Love the Earth CSP
304. Love Tree at the Park CSP
308. Lucky Hat CSP
310. Luxury Beaches - retired
313. Mad Skeletal Dog CSP
316. Magic Blue Flames CSP
318. Magical Stained Glass CSP
320. Magical Tidal Pools CSP
324. Massive Geyser CSP
325. Massive Pile of Jewels - retired
332. Misty Autumn Waters CSP
335. Modern Cave Paintings CSP
336. Moon Amulet CSP
339. Mushroom Beach CSP
341. Mystical Wooden Portal CSP
346. Neatly Lit Candles CSP
348. New Ark Eve Globe CSP
349. New Years 2011 - retired
365. Old Scary Mansion CSP
366. Ominous Circus Tent CSP
377. Paris Alive CSP
380. Perpetual Ring of Ignition CSP
385. Pile of Love Cards - retired
389. Pink Flower Arch CSP
391. Pink Picnic - retired
397. Pond in Early Blooming CSP
401. Pot of Rainbows CSP
402. Pulchritudinous Jungle Sunset CSP
403. Pumpkin Flower Patch CSP
404. Pumpkinhead Buddy CSP
412. Quaint Cafe CSP
414. Rainbow Eggs
415. Rainbow Lava CSP
416. Rainbow Grove CSP
425. Red Flower Garden CSP
426. Red Gas Planet CSP
429. Red Rock Mesa CSP
438. Rose Garden - retired
441. Royal Pillow CSP
444. Santas Sleigh - retired
447. Scenic Balcony CSP
453. Ship Cabin CSP
463. The Snowtops CSP
471. Sparkling Storm Clouds CSP
473. Spider Tree Wings CSP
474. Spirit Flowers CSP
476. Spirit Wand CSP
477. Spring Baked Goods CSP
478. Spring Equinox CSP
479. Squash Party CSP
481. St. Patrick's Day Party CSP
482. St. Patrick's Day Rainbow CSP
488. Summer Cottage CSP
489. Summer Solstice CSP
491. Sunken Castle CSP
492. Sunny Hill CSP
499. Temple of Fire CSP
506. Tree of Life - retired
509. Tree of Sparkling - retired
516. Two Thousand and Sixteen CSP
519. Undersea Viewing Tunnel CSP
528. Vine Archway CSP
535. Water Temple CSP
537. Western Rock Reefs CSP
548. Winged Mannequin CSP
549. Witch's Corner CSP
550. Witch’s Lab (Lab of the witch) CSP
551. Witch Stew CSP
553. Winter Solstice CSP
557. You're My Gift CSP
Autumn Scented Candles CSP
Fiery autumnal sky CSP
Thanksgiving dinner time CSP
Sparkly fall wings CSP
Christmas Tag CSP
Hannukah Stained glass CSP
Ice Crystal Curtains CSP
Bell of golden presents CSP
2017 Clock CSP
The New star CSP
Snowy fireworks CSP
Ring in the bells CSP
Flower Love CSP
Airbone Love CSP
The Lovebow CSP
Strawberry Hearts CSP
Green Magic CSP
Secret Pot of Gold CSP
Tangled Clover CSP
Rainbow Moon- dragolds den
Psychedelic Lucky Clover- dragolds den
Among The Flowers csp
Forget Me Knot CSP
Technicolor Forest CSP
Wings Of Glory CSP
The Rainbow Star Belt  CSP
UFO Beaming CSP
Picture of Autumn CSP
Pumpkin Pie and Berries CSP
The Best Party CSP
Colorful Autumn Creek CSP
Filled with love CSP
Snow Storm Nigth CSP
Toys Under the tree CSP
2018 CSP
Best Into 2018 CSP
Fireworks Explosion Party CSP
Frozen Year CSP
Chocolates and Flowers - Chocoextravaganza Event
Multiborder Clover - dragolds den
Rainbow Road to the gold- dragolds den
Springtime Wreath- dragolds den
Bunny Field CSP
Countryside Easter Basket CSP
Finding the Hidden egg CSP
Rainbow Bunnies CSP
Jolly Roger Flag CSP
Nightmare Ghost Ship CSP
Pirate Ship Sunset CSP
Pirate Swords CSP

About Nipha Eggs

Nipha eggs are peerless in that they have unusual metaphysical properties. For example, if you touch the darker, inner part of the egg, your hand (or any solid object) will go straight through the egg's cells! However, if you touch the outer portion of the egg (where the pigmentation is lighter), your hand can grip the egg easily. The Science and Research Center at Ark City has no explanations for these unique characteristics.

About the Nipha Creature

Long ago, before the Fall (or "Second Drowning") of Ark, the isle of Ark was covered with permanent tundra and snow. The only species that lived at that time were Nipha. There were the four tribes of Nipha: Aan, Baa, Cen, and Daan. All harnessing their unusual metaphysical properties from conception, each tribe specialized in a form of bending the natural elements of Ark, which were Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. Peace between the four tribes abruptly ended, when the Daan, possessing the ability to bend Fire, attacked and wreaked havoc on the other three tribes. War raged for 100 years and then came the Second Drowning which killed everything on Ark, including the War. Just two Nipha eggs mysteriously survived the Second Drowning, one male and the other conveniently female. To this day, the Nipha species only contains decedents from the Aan tribe and the Science and Research Center believes that Nipha today are very different from the original Nipha. Although they've lost their ability to bend Air, those engaged in pagan religions regard Nipha as "Gods of the Air."