Llama-Llama the Neebu

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25 Jan 2014
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Llama Llama: I thought what you see below would've been a funny joke, and I couldn't think of a name.
Llama llama, with fur so sweet,
Llama llama, you look good to eat!

Llama Llama feels your pain,
Llama Llama has a cheesy name.

Llama Llama...
Ugh, I can't be bothered anymore.

About Neebu Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in January of 2014.

Neebu eggs are covered in a soft, downy wool that helps cushion and insulate the egg. After the egg hatches the wool can be gathered and used. Although the egg does not produce enough wool to create a full garment, unless you have lots of Neebu eggs, it is still prized as a lining material.

About the Neebu Creature

The wool of a young Neebu grows at an astonishing rate. Combined with their joyful and playful personality this turns them into adorable, bouncing balls of fluff. Young Neebu require weekly shearing to keep their wool under control. As the Neebu ages their wool growth slows to a more normal rate. Their playful personality mellows as well, making them wonderful companions.