Pleasure the Crystar

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13 Feb 2012
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Essence of Litsdnats
(Stage Frozen)
Name: Pleasure
Stage: 1st - Frozen
Travel: SoB

Would Welcome More Of - NOT Priority
- Tray - Prefer 1st/2nd, but egg/last I may be interested in.
- Pachuma - Last
- Eartha - 1st/Last, maybe egg/2nd
- Cerberus - Last

About Crystar Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for February 2012.

The outer arms of Crystar eggs look like they are physically embracing the egg, as if the arms were giving the egg a hug. The Science and Research Center has concluded that the friction from the rubbing of the outer arms helps the egg maintain a constant temperature optimal for hatching.

About the Crystar Creature

Crystars are the symbol of Unity. Based on studies at the Science and Research Center in Ark City, brain activity in matured Crystars indicate that both brains are in complete harmony in all decision-making processes. This is remarkable; Crystars are never in opposition of one another's decisions. They represent true humility and sacrifice.