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Welcome to Ice Month at Egg Cave

June 1, 2018 at 12:00 AM

Random theme: Ice & Crystals

Welcome to June at Egg Cave! This month's random theme is ICE & CRYSTALS... all things chilly! Some gorgeous ice creatures are headed your way.

June Cash Shop Monthlies

Burrrr! This month's Cash Shop monthlies are the Quarina and Pipitallo. An ice eel and ice bat! Scary!

June Cave Monthlies

*shivers* An ice theme wouldn't be completed without two Cave monthlies, right? This is the Coreoli and Foka, respectively. Find them through the end of the month in the Cave.

New CDWC Creature

This is another ice-themed creature that will be released soon. It remains unreleased but available for writing in the Creature Description Writing Contest. Submit your entries for it! It will be a Cash Shop creature, release in mid-June.

June Monthly Trinkets

June monthly trinkets are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Chilly Ice Books

The topics are chilling. Literally. Find them at Leila Library.


Comments: 53

dragonii • 2 Jun 2018, 5:31 PM

ohh, those are pretty. :0

iris1929578 • 3 Jun 2018, 12:59 AM

@prairie what the... *throws up* @icecloud101 AGREE AGREE AGREE

e0117barlow • 6 Jun 2018, 2:01 AM

I found the claw one!

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