yesterday was my bday (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚ 15 Jul 2018, 7:05 AM

4 July 2012
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BDay: 14 july

Me, @angoku and @pheonia share the same IP


@gryffindor @gryffindor16

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dcmaster • 2 days ago

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Also, @Newlife has a wicculin UFT!

mami • 3 days ago

,,,And then I forgot to give it to you ON your birthday rip

mami • 3 days ago

But you knewww I was going to didnt you ;p

mami • 3 days ago

Im glad dear! Sorry it was late ;v;

mami • 3 days ago

bloom • 4 days ago

I'm sorry! Are you still interested? If so, can you do 60k EC?

dragon_collector • 4 days ago

digging your username ahaha

solar • 4 days ago

I'll have to see them at some point then.

solar • 4 days ago

Oh neat!! Lol, I still haven't seen either of those movies, but I hear they are good. XD

solar • 4 days ago

heeeEEEECK! D: I just noticed I forgot to wish you happy b-day yesterday!! D: 3 (Sorry!! x<) I hope you had a good one.

grimwood • 5 days ago


grimwood • 5 days ago


grimwood • 5 days ago

Nope, thank goodness. also take a look at these dolls I got yesterday (1/3)!:

crown • 5 days ago

Hi! Do you have a Florn UFT? ^^; hehe sorry I saw

solar • 1 week ago

And yeah, I get that. Its hard to trade for things when you have nothing to trade with. Going through what my dream cove is helped me decide which I want to hold onto, and what I can part with. :L But lots not on my WL are still some of my favs.

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