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27 November 2015
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wigglytuff • 1 day ago

Unfortunately I already have an Ott Dx

But is there anything else you'd want to offer? ^^

superunloved • 3 days ago

Congrats on the creature hun stoked for you hun

oscoa • 4 days ago

I wish I could buy one but I'm out of CC right now so maybe later I'll buy Catsmos xP

oscoa • 4 days ago

THAT'S AWESOMEEEE!! YEAH THAT'S MA BAE~ I'm so glad that you made it!! Good luck on your overseas!

stevepat2002 • 4 days ago

*Casually offers credit card number in ec on trade lot.*

applegranny • 4 days ago

13k for the biwo, your choice of CCs or a mix with ECs. I could even do all ECs, if you'd prefer.

oscoa • 4 days ago


oscoa • 4 days ago

OMG!! IT'S SOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEE I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT And I'm sorry for not realizing it, it's been a week since I didn't check up

icymuffin • 4 days ago

And by the way, I feel like you've also suggested a creature at least once before? Am I wrong? Either way, it must be exciting, congrats on this fluffy little one~

icymuffin • 4 days ago

I noticed you have Wicculin in the TC, would you consider trading it for creatures not on your WL and/or for CC?

cookiemonster • 5 days ago

ah it's ok i totally understand haha sorry ya didn't find anything xD thank you, you too!!

cookiemonster • 5 days ago

ahh that's a really long list i'm sorry if nothing interests you

cookiemonster • 5 days ago

eartha, luryuken, boarage, mournstrom, lumisage, swanice, erduri, reminsect, dalahart, batteron, cihikob, gilyon, shengxiao, whirlz, flamustela, spoto (might revive myself), snop, cotofly

cookiemonster • 5 days ago

star suckerlop, sweesh, lissam, feggle, amarra, zubflug, wahla, zebbit, peeyu, kampos, demga, cantik, neebu, corunis, eftsala, finti, valenbun, gellit, ignalt, jelal, hinonia, grisal, kiretch, motjaa, poibleu, illumilux, sentark, harpis, coinster, bzzt, mecko, pekkin, saurogapi,

cookiemonster • 5 days ago

sorry all i really have are old LEs and retired cave monthlies haha i have an: unhemn, kinka, pogknot, odon, pami, aurelian, tuloop, invernut, perukey, heims, quinnit, nilby, vulpselle, torget, fiamma, kesko, candit, seras, mystic, irel, curcull, borro, barthug, lotty, -

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