At moments perpetual-metamorphosis, intrigued complexity at least, but at other times dynamic-lethargy among warring internal idiosyncrasy 17 Oct 2014, 6:54 PM

30 September 2014
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--- Let me know of a common you're collecting and If I come across it in the cave I'll put it on Auction for 1 EC or Transfer it to you --- ( cove space permitting )

@sackname -> Mackatrons transfer primary
@spiritkeeper5 -> Smokemuths transfer primary
@wonglikiu821 -> Reminsects & Icenyros transfer primary
@nficewing -> Obarns transfer primary
@jello -> Texus transfer primary
@moonweaver -> Wynerl & Cosmomon transfer primary
@raistlin623 -> Cyprinus transfer primary
@magicaltomato3 -> Luminette transfer primary

Everything is NUFT, unless it's a stunning offer :-P, or the creature is in a lot or specified on the forum.

Creatures (207)


magicaltomato3 • 3 days ago

Thx for the transfer ~

fruitcake • 3 days ago

If i end up sellling my others ill let you know! good luck!!

fruitcake • 3 days ago

Thank you

mairbear • 1 week ago

Much thanks for the rock candies ... I don't currently know the name of them but I'm sure I'll catch up xD

fruitcake • 1 week ago

Cryptos are adorable!!!

fruitcake • 1 week ago

I'm digging your twobot collection. It looks amazing!

fruitcake • 1 week ago

So true, History repeats always. We are back on 90s trends apparently. Its just a rearrangement of the pieces to the abstract puzzle called life. Weird to think about for too long. >.

fruitcake • 1 week ago

I feel ya! Im married already I feel like I met him yesterday but apparently its been 5 years haha. I feel like I worked at Mcdonalds recently NOPE haha weird thing this time is.

fruitcake • 1 week ago

Hey! Longtime

moonweaver • 5 Sep 2018, 9:08 PM

Hi! Thank you for the Glimmer and the Wynerl!

stevepat2002 • 5 Sep 2018, 2:43 PM

Send them to Raistlin623

mithmel • 29 Aug 2018, 10:41 PM

Fed 20.

pride • 1 Aug 2018, 4:25 AM

Got it done quicker than I thought, just offered from this account! Thank you. c:

monsterprincess33 • 28 Jul 2018, 7:09 PM

yeah LOL.. you have lots of nice twobots now. Do you know I have been playing since Oct 2016 and never gotten an Asteroid creature yet. Ah well, i just keep trading for what i want.. name of the game i guess LOL

monsterprincess33 • 28 Jul 2018, 6:13 PM

LOL... your so funny (offer in the trade center) Hod do you keep getting all those threebots? I have only gotten one from the cave

wishing you lots of twobots .. =)

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