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21 April 2015
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wild_wonders • 8 hours ago

aw ok, thanks anyway!

wild_wonders • 9 hours ago

Hey, would you accept a cactower or asteroid creature for the name sheap?

poptarts • 19 hours ago

I'm good, more interested in CC atm. ^-^

poptarts • 21 hours ago

I just got another Male Mothman, are you still interested? You were offering 50cc right?

poptarts • 22 hours ago

Sorry someone already offered 100cc on both. ^-^ Going to go with their offer.

wild_wonders • 1 day ago

Hey I just saw your comment on @you's wall, how did you know that the new CRW was called Mothman before it was released? It was just released a few minutes ago but the comment says two days ago just curious xD

iia • 1 day ago

What r crew pets. A lot of my creatures are not so happy. Can I feed them food? Like item food? Do u want any. I need to get rid of them

iia • 2 days ago

do u have green leaves with droplets? if so can i purchase it?

firedawn • 3 days ago

Yeah, the entire movie was unique and quite amazing ^^ Such a comeback from Sony haha xD And yeah, the comics were amazing, it just had this entire batman vibe to it—but it's so much more relatable than the Dark Knight haha. I loved it :')

firedawn • 3 days ago

Spiderverse was amazing, I just loved the entire comic-booky aspect of the animation & everything else & I'm so glad they introduced the multiverses and made a storyline out of it!

and then I fell in love w/ spider-gwen's comics, read it when you have the time it's amazing

wild_wonders • 3 days ago

okie, thats good to here! Best of luck!!

wild_wonders • 3 days ago

Yeah anyway congrats again! #skills

smithbob6 • 3 days ago

dang you beat me lols congrats

wild_wonders • 3 days ago

Congrats on the name, what happened to the slow internet? xD

royal_heart • 3 days ago

Congrats on the name!

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