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21 April 2015
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kyubee • 4 hours ago

It's definitely uncomfy; I'm just glad I didn't break it. I hope you never do!! Oh my gosh that's so exciting!!! Go Prairie go!!! You're such a pro I'm sure they'll be wowed.

kyubee • 5 hours ago

Oh boy... Rouuuugh!! I sprained my ankle real bad but I went to work all week somehow... XD And where I work I'm on my feet all day and moving heavy boxes. But I work on Saturday too. It should fly by so that's a plus, I feel so tough though haha how are you?

hippy • 1 day ago

The only thing that caught my eye is the Kandju egg, but with both eggs valued + frozen + my own priority value on it, I would still need at least 1.2-1.4K CC :/

hippy • 1 day ago

[yeep], you got a Kiinrit with the name Kiinrit!? I can't trade for that xD

hippy • 1 day ago

You have nice fodder, but I'm looking for Cash Shop Pet to Cash Shop Pet. If money wasn't spent on it, I don't want to trade for a creature that was just a cave/monthly/event/seasonal. :/

hippy • 1 day ago

Its cool, I'm just hoping to get a fair offer, like I'd take a Kiinrit + remaining CC (3K-4K CC) or another creature to offset the cost. This is according to the lower cost guide (Eggcavity)

dcmaster • 2 days ago


monsterprincess33 • 2 days ago

that sounds fun... my son worked at blue frog gaming for several years.. he loved it

well reach for the stars!

monsterprincess33 • 2 days ago

Congratulations! That's excellent! Where would u love to work?

stevepat2002 • 3 days ago

@status CONGRATS!!!

lbowe_elbow • 3 days ago

*huggles* thank you

lbowe_elbow • 4 days ago

It is NOOOOOO problem at all d: No rush. Just a reminder lol

lbowe_elbow • 4 days ago

I would like to request 1 travel suggestion for Zorb. (:

stevepat2002 • 5 days ago

Heya is this cove feed freindly? Making list of 300-400+ coves to feed hehe

iia • 6 days ago

That’s awesome!!

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