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25 February 2018
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stevepat2002 • 19 hours ago

Nah the one you saw ^^

veritaspunk • 19 hours ago

obo = Or Best Offer

stevepat2002 • 19 hours ago

Sounds good... now I have to pull some out of my stash to buy those 200cc for 2 catsmos things <.

stevepat2002 • 19 hours ago

One or both?

megamisama90 • 1 day ago

Great! ^^

megamisama90 • 1 day ago

Thanks! Can I feed all here? ^^

thedarkarcher • 2 days ago

Ah im sorry but I don't i spent it all on cove expansions for elephants how much do you need maybe i can try and help you raise it or help you in a different way?

xshadow10x • 2 days ago

I don't think I have for sale sorry, just have some copies of somne eggs noting particular.

stevepat2002 • 3 days ago

I just realized I put the wrong desc for that trade XD

bigdust • 4 days ago

WOW! Too cool!! Thanks so much for the tips. I will pass it on to my mate. I think she has been here for more than 5 years and I am betting she does not know.

megamisama90 • 4 days ago

Hi! You're the 2nd person to ask about it and as I told her I'm gonna keep it

calenlass • 4 days ago


bigdust • 5 days ago

Been here all this time and I never knew about that. Thanks!! Re: Your status: I know what you mean.

bigdust • 5 days ago

Hello & thanks. Btw, How did you know that I had just gotten one? Never understood how anyone could tell

blub • 5 days ago

Thanks for feeding, fed all back

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