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3 March 2018
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Sincerely True~

"Human is a complicated creature.
That's why we can't easily understand....

What they're trying to say.

Welcome my friend to my home, please stay as long as you like....though it is not recommended to be around passed midnight as that is the time my children wake up to play.
Still, do as you please as I can not stop you...


(Creatures in 'special children' tab are tent or nft, feel free to ask on any creatures in my cove. [2 that are 100% nft are Equiver the alleniwer and Alexandurr the cloveater] Also note that gifts are NOT for trade either.)

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.

Ahh, that ticking you ask? What is it? Well this body I posses is made of various mechanical parts and at times it makes noises much like a clock. You don't have to worry, it's completely normal.

Achievement wall~

In real life~

Win 1st place in my region [School basketball]
Soccer top 2 in tournament and 1st throughout the season [Non-competitive]
Top two in track [at school] Top 6 in track [at regionals] {400 meters}
Been on the front cover of a magazine [2010]
[More but let's keep a small list]


Win the lottery [Cloveater-first month I joined]
Have 1mill+ ec at once
Have 800+ cc at once
Have a CSP creature
Have multiple CSP creatures

[Sides and siblings accounts]

Sides: @DevilsDontFly (Endangered, monthlies, thief, limited edition, oasis, etc.)[All UFT except for hoard tab]
@butterfliesflyatdawn (Immortal creatures)[Tent uft//nft]

Siblings: @noah23 [Younger brother]
@ElainabarakatXD [Younger sister]


Age: 14//grade 8
Zodiac: Capricorn
Birthdate: January 8th 2004
Best subjects: Mathematics & Physical Education
Favourite Colour(s): Teal, Turqouise, Blue, Green
Favourite Animal(s): Snow Leopards/Pandas/Baby Bengals
Favourite Fantasy Creature: Dragon
Favourite Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Post-apocalyptic, Romance(sometimes)
Seen animes: Violet Evergarden, Fairytale, Blue exorcist, Killer B the beginning, Sword Art Online, Vampire Knight, Kicked from paradise, Ajin: Demi human, and a few more.
Social medias//Other adoptable websites: Ask me in mail!
Most common mood: Extremely nervous
Favourite type of tea: Orange Pekoe (Second is Earl Grey)
Height: 5''8

Creatures (71)


crown • 1 day ago

Heyo! Check with @senpai about his I asked and they said it might be? So yeah- if they say that someone else is also interested (me asking) just tell them that I was just asking for you

crown • 2 days ago

Hey, if you happen to find an unfrozen egg/child stage Pendence, could be stage swap? I understand if you don't want to

crown • 2 days ago

Okie dokie! No worries

crown • 2 days ago

Aw thank you I can help you look for a Pendence if you'd like?

crown • 2 days ago

Your cove has grown and become a very beautiful one

dcmaster • 2 days ago

Thank you! ^~^

dcmaster • 3 days ago

It was really nice talking to you too c: Thanks! I'll let you know ! Also, I'll be here feeding every so often ^~^ Have an amazing day!

dcmaster • 3 days ago

Wow! I've literally been on here for months and didn't know this xD Thanks c: Imma try getting stuff from the thief shop and oasis

dcmaster • 3 days ago

Oh really? I always thought it was a daily event! wow! for the thief shop I need to collect EC like 700k to be safe which is why I never do it XD

dcmaster • 3 days ago

Lucky! c: I've literally only found the Drakomo xD what's your trick? and that's true but idk maybe they have various ways of obtaining it

spell • 3 days ago

Here you go Trade #902127

crown • 3 days ago

Hi! So sorry I got the cc I needed, therefore will no longer be trading my Aliamble...super sorry!!!

littleblush • 3 days ago

Would you take ec...? 40kec plus a yellow rolling hills travel?

dcmaster • 3 days ago

Not sure c: Maybe not because of the Science and Research Center thing

littleblush • 3 days ago

Hi! Is the name Bubblewrap UFT? of

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