I, I loved you in spite of, deep fears that the world would divide us. So baby can we dance? Oh, through an avalanche? 19 Jun 2018, 3:44 PM

14 February 2012
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My birthday is June 17th.



Let me just dedicate this part of my profile to my friends. Every single one of you mean the world to me and I don't say it as often as I should. I've been absent and a terrible friend over the years, but you all have seen something good in me, and for that you deserve the Nobel peace prize and a nomination for sainthood. I love you, I love you, I love YOU.


Cas!girl and Misha Minion for life.

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lbowe_elbow • 2 hours ago

Puffy! I didn't see you posted on my wall again how rude of me CX Also remember the good old times when parents were afraid of the internet? How strange lol

dave-humper • 2 hours ago

anything for your Tokaroz?

dcmaster • 3 hours ago

Thank you! c: I'll ask them and make my offers I don't have their dreamies though

dcmaster • 3 hours ago

Wow! That's really lucky! It had perfect timing then c: That's honestly really great I'm happy for you c:

dcmaster • 3 hours ago

Only a little bit jealous...... XD

dcmaster • 3 hours ago

It looks really nice in your cove! ^~^

dcmaster • 3 hours ago

Oh! You got cc c: ok that makes sense! That's good! ^~^ CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSS *pops confetti*

element • 5 hours ago

Thank you!

element • 6 hours ago

I'l give you 2.5k -

yts • 6 hours ago

For your hoard

element • 6 hours ago

Yeah Normally when they're feeding or trying to catch up on creatures they've missed you'll know they're around. I had the hallowolf I could offer but you were saying you needed time to think about it lol

element • 7 hours ago

They're still around Just gotta catch them when they come on to visit lol

solar • 23 hours ago

Sorry for late reply. I'd have to look around and see what I got.

lbowe_elbow • 1 day ago

Haha thanks! Sorry for the shameless plug, but I've gotta get people submitting values or nothing will ever come of it. It's probably good you took down the comment. I doubt it would have played out well. But man that's funnnnnyyyyy. Why'd your parents delete your account?

lbowe_elbow • 1 day ago

Wow I wish you could understand how hard I am laughing at that rn. Speaking of which have you seen MY creature value guide? I'm trying to get it to catch on CX

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