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30 August 2012
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PM me instead of posting on my wall
Other Places You Can Fine Me
Instagram: mirandalam97
Facebook: mirandalam97
Chicken Smoothie: ImmortalRaven
Gothicat World: Immortal Raven
YouTube: MirandaLam - Haven't uploaded anything yet though.
Please don't mention eggcave on my social media accounts x'D I mean in private messages it's ok, but yeah x'D I'm kinda embarrassed being on here at this age >.>
Value Guide
I like this guide because it is how I do my values. The average.
You can put in values of trades you've done and such and it'll take the average of all that is put in. Now some values I don't agree with as I have been lazy and haven't input trades I have seen/done/etc which may effect the value. It may not and I still might not agree, but that's ok. Some I have noticed have had like only one person enter a value also it seemed. I know some other value guides have really effected values even though before the guide values were way different. People takes guides as set in stone while they aren't. It's just opinions. Everyone has their own opinions on values and some value em way more than me, which is all right. If we don't agree, we don't trade or we may come to a middle. No need to get nasty if we don't agree. Go elsewhere. Ya might find someone who agrees, might not.
Sorry but I don't share what I use to immortalize. I had to find it myself and it took me hours to find. Now it is easier to find so yeah >.> Sorry
Things I Have Given Away
If you ever get nasty with me because we don't agree on values, I wouldn't take your offer, wouldn't share what I use to immortalize, etc ya won't be getting anything free from me if I ever do start giving stuff away again. I stopped because just felt some weren't really grateful. And some let em die. And other reasons.
Why Blocked and Blocked Rules
- My UFT critters are @immortalravens_storage in the UFT tab. I also have names UFT there.
Critters that aren't in the UFT tab over there and that start with _CC, _Cave, etc. then you can offer but I'd only consider over offers as I am waiting until they raise in value. I can include them in offer for a critter on my main and count their value as what they are now but otherwise I will be keeping them until they are worth more, sorry.
- Critters here are NFT. You can try and offer but it would have to be a pretty amazing over offer for me to even consider trading whatever you asked about. And still 99% of the time it will be a no still.

Main List
**********Pixgog Last [preferred] or Egg
*****Flintar 1st [preferred] /Any
***Arnmnae Last /Any
*Goldur 2nd [preferred] / Any
Clous Egg [preferred] or Last

Secondary Goal

Blast into 2018
Fireworks Explosion
Frozen Year**

Want more of:
Tray - Prefer 1st [child] may take 2nd [teen]. Egg and last are less likely. If it's born on earth day which also happens to be my birthday then I might add a little extra.

Storages etc
Critters Stolen on Special Dates - Gave up trying to keep this up to date. I have too many critters ;-;

Creatures (1,153)


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Since people don't see this in my profile I shall put here too. Please don't post topics here, please. PM me or ping me.

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Please, please, please PM me instead of posting on my wall. Like if it's a short little thing that won't turn into a long convo then that's fine but trades, value help, chatting prefer by PM.

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