Hoddel Goal Achieved! :) But the lots on @thechosenflame will still be open to whoever wants to offer :) // Notifications have still been blowing up, so replies will be slow. 17 Jan 2019, 3:17 AM

21 January 2015
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⁂ Hi, I'm Firedawn! ⁂
Feed Friendly! (Or, if you don't have the time, please feed my feedlist!)
Note: I do feedbacks, it just might take a lil time for me to return them. Thanks for your patience! ^^

✴ Note: If I don't respond to you, just poke me! I can be pretty forgetful at times. Thanks! ✴

It's likely that what you're interested isn't uft, especially if it's in my tabs - unless in the TC. Check out @thechosenflame instead. But if you're really interested, post on my wall with a stunning offer and hope

(Especially those in the π/NFT tab and the rarer creatures, unless for a stunning offer I can't refuse. )

< I prefer to discuss in PMs due to the fact that my brain won't let me keep track of my wall shenanigans well. Yay. >
This means I delete trading comments on my wall when replied to.

@thechosenflame - UFT storage
@??? - immortal storage (no stats, please! Some might be UFT for the right offer.)
@??? - dream cove. That being said, may move back piece by piece, bit by bit to main cove when I feel like it.

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power • 3 hours ago

@status congrats on hoddel goals! that's a lot of them haha..

invisiblefly • 7 hours ago

Hi! I'd like to sell one of my hoddels to you. I missed a floss from last year. Can we do an exchange?

lunacharm1037 • 11 hours ago


cutpie2244 • 13 hours ago

yup took forever and it took alot of my cove space, but I got 100

cutpie2244 • 16 hours ago

no I accomplish my goal o I don't want any, why?

marner • 1 day ago

fed the list!

shallow • 1 day ago

Tomorrow at 4 I can start trading

moonweaver • 1 day ago

Ah, okay ^^"

5 or 6 for vesti maybe? (I recently bid on a ton of then...)

moonweaver • 1 day ago

*Poke* Read below post? (I'm very impatient and bored rn xD)

icedragon3000 • 1 day ago

Hi, fed your feed list

moonweaver • 1 day ago

3 or 4?

fruitcake • 1 day ago


pet_cemetery • 1 day ago

Would you take 4 Hoddels for the cachnid?

shallow • 1 day ago

I have 2 hoddels but can't trade till tomorrow.

lunacharm1037 • 1 day ago


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