I want an event where we get to see the Fiery Shadows and all the Cerberus's xD 20 Jul 2018, 9:34 AM

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achimenes • 5 hours ago

I knowww right?! And yeah...it's been really often lately, I just can't get out of it. I'll even be physically affected by it sometimes and not want to get out of bed or anything x-x' Still...gotta keep thinking of the positive!! How are you doing, btw? ^-^

prairie • 8 hours ago

Thanks!! Now I guess next milestone is 150. xD

rashka • 9 hours ago

the asteroid acted strangely but i got nothing! i clicked an egg, clicked on the get egg button and i got the come back in 30 minutes page

rashka • 10 hours ago


element • 10 hours ago

Thanks, me too lol

rashka • 11 hours ago

lol, we know , but you don't have too! we love you and it's our way to show it!

lunar • 11 hours ago

Thats very sweet of you, thanks for passing by, dont hesitate to hit me up with a PM, Im always around to chat.

rashka • 11 hours ago

and i'm sure she is thinking you are worth it! as i do!

rashka • 11 hours ago

lol, appleranny just got her 4 sughar too!

rashka • 11 hours ago

i'm getting tired of sneacking that not friendly asteroid! i haven't seen any asteroid creatures go through the new pet link!

rashka • 11 hours ago

COOL! it's a great gift!

rashka • 11 hours ago

hey! you also got a sughar!

element • 11 hours ago

Lol xP

rashka • 11 hours ago

lol, poke my wall, @crown had the same idea!

rashka • 12 hours ago

YES! and for me it's time to get my children to clean up their bedroom! so i'll be on and off (but letting the windows open!

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