Please feed my eggs! Need to hatch a lot! I'll feed back soon! 14 Jun 2018, 7:31 PM

19 September 2010
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I'm Darcy! I don't want to properly update this yet, so XD I'll just tell the important things

Name: Darcy
Age: 18
Here for 8 years OwO
Likes? Drawing, videos, music
Websites? Windylives (YouTube), Crisskitty(DeviantART)
Side Accounts:
@darcy - immortal storage
@saving-eggs - trading account, NFT at the moment

Have a nice day!!

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wonglikiu821 • 23 hours ago

I can only offer 100CC at most, sorry
I only have 200CC

rayray857 • 1 day ago

Hey there!

Thanks~ You have a great cove yourself

element • 2 days ago

Hey, saw you were on 30 mins ago. Let me know when the resurrectables are ready.

crown • 3 days ago

Hi! Would you be interested in a Unusith/Chinchilly for CC?

crazygirl4life1111 • 4 days ago

Sorry, but they are not up for trade. I'm keeping on male and one female.

dcmaster • 5 days ago

Fed all c:

newlife • 6 days ago

No problem, just checking in I I know sometimes I'm forgetful so I just wanted to remind ya

newlife • 6 days ago

Hey, just checking in. I sent the 200 CC for the revival of the Tific egg, just hope you saw the message!

bash_extras • 1 week ago

Take care of them! And thank you for your EC donation~

lskam • 1 week ago

Yep, yep!! Honestly, I'm so happy! It's my first Cash Shop creature! (:

senpai • 1 week ago

feeds? idk i just use the click exchange

crown • 1 week ago

10kec each? Sorry, low on ec currently XD

crown • 1 week ago

Hi! How much ec for Candy Cane Way and Creature Snow Globe?

mechanicalheart • 1 week ago

Hello! For the Soetzal I'm looking for anything that's equivalent [or close] to it's value. So I'm open to offers, cc, ec, wishlist, non-wishlist or a mix [wishlist can be found in my profile]. If you'd like to discuss possible offers then feel free to mail me.

crown • 1 week ago

Ergh lol for a while I wasn't too attached and actually put it fully uft but I decided to put a goldentree meadow travel on her and changed my mind in one look XD

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