Actively looking for: Avem, Onabi, Oscoa, Pandai. Hmu if you/someone you know has one UFT ^^ 20 Jun 2019, 1:30 AM

27 January 2016
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ʙᴜᴛ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ᴅᴏ. ❞
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iluvunicorns • 16 hours ago

Oh okay thanks

dcmaster • 16 hours ago

I should start posting some of mine Also, no problem c: Just happened to see both of your profiles!

dcmaster • 16 hours ago

It's all good! I'm pretty bad at replying so it's ok! My brother's camera was just lying around so I decided to use it xD We actually used it when travelling too but we're broke now with college.... Also, it would be cool to see some of your work do you post it anywhere? c:

chihiro_sang • 2 days ago

fed some

iluvunicorns • 2 days ago

hey do you have any unicorns for sale? Omg I see you have Onny lucky!

thedarkarcher • 4 days ago

thanks for the feeds i fed all in return

chihiro_sang • 4 days ago

fed some

duckduck • 4 days ago

Oh sorry! I hadn’t thought about the name. Just offered again, thanks so much!

blub • 5 days ago

Thanks, fed all back Hope you have a great day as well

duckduck • 5 days ago

Oh awesome! Thanks so much! I’ll offer now

dcmaster • 5 days ago

Also, I think @chameleon has an oscoa UFT if you haven't contacted them yet

dcmaster • 5 days ago

I've been doing some like practice photography just around my backyard to work on like composition and lighting since i'm pretty bad at it even in drawing xD My brother bought a camera long long ago so i've been borrowing it xD

dcmaster • 5 days ago

oh woah! That's so cool! I wish my school did that with like art/photography! There were some talented artist in my school and like there was hardly any appreciation for art in the school except for like AP art galleries which most people just go to for extra credit

wigglytuff • 5 days ago

Sure ^^ you too

wigglytuff • 5 days ago

I'm really sorry but I'm not really looking for anything else for him right now good luck trading, though! I think @oscoa has an avem in the tc, though?:0

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