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Feed my creatures if you want and I'll probably feed most if not all of yours back.


My side account(s):
@sapphire_elf448~ where I will move my creatures to when they have become immortal and reached their final stage.


If you have any unwanted creatures PM me, post on my wall or just send me a transfer request if you want.


@roseofthehokage (@thedarkarcher) for the dalahart and loads of other really cool creatures
@daughter_of_hades for being a good friend
@giggletheclownlovesya_xoxoxo for the swanice
@lenamilove for the kyootie
@miastone543 (@playermocha345) for the onnekas and other creatures


"No matter if the creature is unattractive, not high on demand, easy to find, or is a waste of money, I love this creature. Even with its flaws and hate towards it. Even if no one else likes it. I love this creature with all my heart." ~WLAC Pledge


If a creature is UFT I will put it in the UFT tab. Also none of the creatures in the 'my faves' tab are up for trade. They're my babies. *Hugs creatures protectively*


★The creatures nearest the top are the highest priority★
★I don't mind what stages these creatures are★


My creature suggestions:

The Sesona!

I have two more on the way that will probably be finished some time in the next millennia. XD


My top tips on saving up for stuff!

1) Shove all of your money into the strongroom. That way you won't be tempted into buying stuff you don't necessarily need.

2) Budget yourself. Whenever you log in, take out a set amount of EC from the strongroom (e.g. 25k) and keep it on hand for the day.

3) Enter games like the sites trivia, feed a load of creatures, occasionally create trades to bring in extra EC and sell stuff in the user shop.

4) Use double feed day to your advantage. Feed your cove, your sides, your friends, your friends sides all of them. Even if they don't need feeding, feed them anyway. Use the click exchange and if you come across a cove that you think you'd be able to feed easily, feed it (check if they have any feed requests like "don't feed this one" or "only feed the ones in the feed tab" first).

Hope these help! These are just little tips and tricks that I have been using to save up to get some SARC creatures.


Creatures (191)


kittycatgirl240 • 5 hours ago

i fed all

meekly • 4 days ago

Hello, have you gotten the bit of ec for the Luminese? (sorry if impatient) I can do just 600k ec for the Luminese.

thedarkarcher • 5 days ago

hello how are you?

thedarkarcher • 6 days ago


meekly • 1 week ago


meekly • 1 week ago

Sure, here's the trade: Trade #908163 Could you offer750k ec? Thanks!

meekly • 1 week ago

Hello, I have a Lumimese UFT. I could trade it for some cc. Looking for around 50cc-100cc.

miastone543 • 7 Aug 2018, 12:51 AM

Hey amethyst, I may join your drawing contest but could you possibly extend the entry deadline?

thriller • 4 Aug 2018, 7:46 AM

Hi fed your pets.
Have a good day

diabolical • 8 Jul 2018, 6:56 AM

Transfered it c:

dcmaster • 8 Jul 2018, 6:55 AM

Fed all c: I'll go transfer it!

dcmaster • 8 Jul 2018, 6:51 AM

A transfer is fine c: That's fine! let me just finish feeding your cove and then i'll go to my side @diabolical too c:

dcmaster • 8 Jul 2018, 6:48 AM

I have an immortal Cosmomon if you want it c:

katnisseverdeen426 • 22 Jun 2018, 10:49 PM

Sent you a travel for your Tasma in @sapphire_elf448.

katnisseverdeen426 • 20 Jun 2018, 8:20 PM

Glad to know someone enjoys the PJO and ToA series as much as I do! Have you read the HoO (Heroes of Olympus) series yet?

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